who we are

TECH AGE was established to provide services in the industrial automation sector, liquid filling machines and chromium machines (such as tanks, heat exchangers, food and chemical reactors, high-speed mixers) . Our team combines the high experience in this field and the continuous work of development and modernization to suit the aspirations of our customers. All machines and systems are designed to be produced In the computer environment. By drawing programs, simulations are carried out in the computer environment to ensure that no error occurs before starting to print the projects and start the production process. We also try to maintain the satisfaction of our customers at the highest level with the after-sales service because all components including the automated operating system are our own production.

Our Policies

Quality, punctuality, creativity and continuous development. To build strong trust links between us and the customer, customer development and satisfaction is the development and progress of our company Where we consider ourselves partners to every customer we have.

Our company's business

  • Design and implementation of automated operating systems.

  • Production of packaging machines for the food industry, cosmetics, detergents and chemicals.

  • Production of labeling-machines the Herma unit.

  • Production of machines, TANKS, heat exchangers, food and chemical reactors and high-speed mixers.

  • Modernization projects at each stage of production.

  • Improve productivity and quality in your existing facilities..

  • Special R & D work for your needs.

  • Maintenance, services and consulting.

  • PLC system configuration and programming.

Our Work


Take a look at this video to see how we work.



Our company works to facilitate the securing of your requests from the Turkish market while providing appropriate advice for your field of work.


We have extensive knowledge and practical experience in the industrial market for Turkish machinery. We offer you years of experience in the machinery industry in Turkey. Our company is also distinguished by its ability to provide price offers and product quality that suit your aspirations.


We save your time in research and experiments, our company has relationships with several industrial companies and experiences in the fields of manufacturing and exporting. You can consult us at any time, feel free to contact us.